The Repair & Maintenance Process – How does it work

We have carefully designed specific Service Packages (Zone 1, 2, 3 and 4) which need to be done at the recommended intervals. These packages are priced cheaper than the individual service items. You are free to select a specific Service Package and then add additional items from the General Service Menu. Service Packages carry an additional R50 consumables charge for a Zone 1 and a R75 consumables charge for a Zone 2, 3 and 4.

As part of our commitment to care free riding, we will perform a 30 Point Health Check when you check your bike in for a service. This check is free of charge and allows us to make an accurate assessment of the general condition of your bike and make recommendations as to the maintenance and repairs required. It is important to note that the 30 Point Health Check may result in additional charges. At check in we will request you to nominate a maximum amount before it becomes necessary to obtain your approval before hand. Should the Job Estimate exceed this maximum amount we will contact you first before we proceed.

Our aim is to provide a same day service to all our clients and stick to our promised completion times. It is therefore compulsory to book for the Service Packages and highly recommended for any other servicing required from the General Service Menu. Booked clients will always enjoy preference over non-bookings. The latter will fall automatically in the back of the queue and we will not be able to guarantee promised completion times.

Even though we will try our utmost to have your bike ready when promised, it remains subject to the availability of spare parts from suppliers. However we will always be in contact telephonically, by SMS or e-mail should we not be able to keep to our promises.

We have a comprehensive General Service Menu to choose from but if the work required is a little more unusual we charge an hourly rate of R400 per hour. Our minimum labour / handling charge is R100. Unless otherwise stated all services pricing excludes the spare parts which will be charged over and above.

A proper wash and lube is included in all Service Packages. Dirty bikes brought in for service items selected from the General Service Menu will be subject to a R130 wash and lube charge in order to clean the bike before we can work on it.

When you come to collect your bike and before you make the payment we urge you to take it for a quick spin in the parking lot to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Any bike left for longer than 4 working days after you have been notified of completion will be subject to a storage charge of R30/day.