"Ride More" Loyalty Program

Join Torq Zone’s “Ride More” Loyalty Program today and earn 3% Cash Back on ALL your purchases at the Torq Zone shop. No points or other difficult to understand loyalty structures and it’s FREE.

It’s very simple, you spend R1000, you get R30 Cash Back on your Loyalty Card. Accumulate your cash back over time and spend it on that brand new dream bike, wheel upgrade, major service or anything cycling.

Joining is super easy, it will take no more than 1 minute of your time. Visit the shop, get your card and sign-up. Quick, simple and easy, ensuring you can always “Ride More”.

Why “Ride More” Loyalty Program you may ask? Well, all we can say at this point in time is join our Torq Zone STRAVA Club and keep logging those miles. Soon it will become even more “Rewarding” to Ride More….  

Terms & Conditions

The use of the Torq Zone Loyalty card constitutes acceptance of the terms & conditions:

  • The value on the card is exchangeable for qualifying merchandise in the store and may not be refunded or redeemed for cash.
  • This card is redeemable for qualifying merchandise at participating stores only.
  • The maximum amount redeemed on a single purchase is limited to: 
    • 30% of the value of any retail merchandise (e.g. parts, components, accessories) 
    • 20% of the value of a complete bike, bike frame or bike build kit
    • A maximum value of R10,000   
  • There is no limit on the amount redeemed for any services performed (i.e. labour)
  • This card is valid for 36 months from the date of purchase.
  • Additional value can be added to the card at any time
  • Keep the card in a safe place. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced but at your own cost
  • You can register your card on for tracking & reporting
  • To view the value of the balance on the card visit or check your balance at the store.