1. What makes Torq Zone so different?
  2. Torq Zone is South Africa’s first Concept Bicycle Workshop. Your traditional LBS (Local Bike Shop) focuses primarily on selling bikes, accessories and apparel. At Torq Zone our primary focus is on the repairs and maintenance of bikes as opposed to selling them. When you walk into our shop you step directly into our state of the art workshop. You will very quickly realise this is something completely different.

  3. Can you sell me a bike?
  4. Although this is not our primary focus we can most definitely help you with any bike you want to purchase whether it being a brand new one or second hand. In fact, we are in the very unique position to give you completely unbiased advice on your purchase decision. With second hand bikes, before you make decisions and fork out large sums of Rands for crap bring it to us for our “Free 30 point Health Check” (your AA in the bike industry so to speak). When it comes to new bikes we offer custom build packages on Santa Cruz Bikes, the best bike in the world (“who said something about being unbiased?”). We can also source almost any other bike brand and model you may be interested in.

  5. Do you only cater for certain brands?
  6. We have no preference or are biased towards any specific brand. In fact we service all brands and because of that we are very knowledgeable when it comes to quality issues experienced with specific brands. Again a good reason to talk to us before you buy your next bike.

  7. Do you only work on Mountain Bikes?
  8. The short answer is “No”. The long answer “Although we are the undisputed specialists when it comes to today’s very advanced technology on Mountain Bikes our workshop is geared to work on any type of bike. So if you do own a road bike or anything else please bring it along as well”.

  9. What else do you do apart from Servicing Bikes?
  10. We do ErgoFit Bike Fitments on any new or used bike. Custom Wheel Builds? We are particularly good at that. On the retail side, we are the official retailer of Santa Cruz Bikes in Centurion and the national sales agent for Lynskey (Titanium Bikes). We also stock a large range of consumables, parts & components, bike care & maintenance products, tools and on-the-trail DIY essentials e.g. bombs & sealants.

  11. We hear a lot about your “Free 30 Point Health Check”. What exactly is that?
  12. Essentially it is a quality management system to ensure “The Perfect Ride” every time. Our Technicians perform the “Free 30 Point Heath Check” on all bikes checked in for service. This allows us to detect all possible defects on the bike not known to the owner. Typically it is these latent defects causing your perfect weekend ride being “derailed” so to speak. Once we’ve completed the health check we make recommendations as to the work required via our electronic job card system being e-mailed to the owner directly from our computer system. Upon completion of the service all bikes are independently quality tested by physically riding the bike. Spinning the crank on the bike stand is not a quality check! That is what Bike Mechanics do. We are Bike Technicians – we are different!

  13. Do you service Shocks & Forks?
  14. Yes most certainly, that is exactly where our expertise lies! The only suspension systems we prefer not to touch are Specialized “Brain Shock” and DT Swiss rear shock, and if it is under warrantee and we suspect a warrantee issue. In these cases we manage the whole process with the distributor on your behalf (for a tiny fee).

  15. How often should I service my Shock and Fork?
  16. This differs from brand to brand but generally speaking a good guide would be every 50 – 100 hours. If you fail to do this you really run the risk of expensive pre-mature failure. Especially in South Africa’s dusty conditions we see a lot of stanchion damage because of failure to service forks regularly.

  17. How often should I service my bike?
  18. Regular servicing and maintenance of your bike at the recommended intervals will ensure that it stays safe and in peak operating condition. It will also mean that you get the maximum life out of your components and will help you to plan for the replacement of parts as they wear out. In fact, if serviced at the recommended intervals your overall cost of maintenance will reduce drastically as opposed to ad hoc servicing as and when something seems to be out of sorts. Refer to our Service Intervals under the Services Tab for recommendations.

  19. If I bring you my Parts & Components (or new bike) I purchased on the internet will you give me “the long face” because I did not buy it from you?
  20. Absolutely not! We actually welcome that because it is exactly what we do. Remember we are completely neutral when it comes to brands. You can even buy it from your regular bike shop and bring it to us and have it PROPERLY fitted. In fact if you bought something on-line and it happens to be non-compatible with your bike, we may offer to exchange it for the correct part (T&C’s apply).

  21. Should I make a booking for my bike service beforehand?
  22. We are generally jam packed and pre-booking is therefore recommended. If major work is required on your bike (Zone 2, 3 or 4 Service Packages) i.e. planned maintenance, it becomes essential. Whilst we will always try and keep to requested completion times for everybody our booked clients will always enjoy preference over non-bookings. If it is an emergency and you do not have a booking bring it in regardless. Even if we fully booked we have what we call a Formula 1 Service at a small surcharge (essentially to cover the overtime for the technician putting down tools to work on your bike).

  23. Do you offer same day service?
  24. In the motor vehicle industry you get same day service. Our objective is to achieve the same so we try and get bikes through the system faster than you can say “Switchback”. This is however only possible if a booking was made beforehand. It also depends on spare part availability of which we carry a vast range and quantities so this is generally not a problem.

  25. Can my Wife / Husband / Girlfriend (who knows nothing about bikes) take my bike in for a service?
  26. Absolutely!! Since each Technician has his own e-mail address and telephone extension they will speak to your Hubby / Wife / Girlfriend to get all the necessary detail and “speak the lingo”.

  27. Can you collect my bike and drop it off again after service?
  28. Absolutely – Free on all Major services. For more info refer to our Collect & Drop off section under the Services Tab.

  29. Do you offer mechanical support at stage races?
  30. Yes we do! Our biggest project so far has been the support of 120 Old Mutual riders in the 2014 edition of the JoBerg2C. Two thirds of our clients gave us a 9 or 10 out of 10 in the post event survey we conducted. Please contact us to inquire whether we will be present at the event you will be participating in.

  31. When will you be opening up in Johannesburg?
  32. As soon as we can find time not sampling all the beautiful trails SA has to offer – only joking! We are fine tuning the concept in our Centurion store and will be rolling out new branches in the coming years, Gauteng first and then more around the country. If you believe you have special skills we may need or have cash lying round that needs good return, contact the owner.