We are a group of likeminded Mountain Bikers who are constantly searching for that next “Perfect Ride”. We try and stay off tar and the focus is on Mountain Biking. We also promote all other outdoor activities as we believe in a healthy, active lifestyle. The rallying cry of the club is to always strive for “The Perfect Ride” by exploring new routes, make new friends, socialise, compete on Strava occasionally, high-5 afterwards and enjoy excellent coffee (and banter) at the shop.

Regular “Perfect Rides” take place Saturdays, unless there is a Nissan Trailseeker or Ashburton National MTB Series event where we offer support. We also have a regular Wednesday “Sport Pas” in the afternoons (single group) which primarily focuses on technical riding. On Saturdays, we cater for all levels of fitness & ability with 3 individually marshalled groups:

Saturday Groups
Group A Group B Group C
Level Advanced Intermediate Beginner
Distance 60-80km 40-60km 20-40km
Average Speed 20-25km/h 17-20km/h 13-17km/h
Duration (Est riding time) 3 to 5 hours 2.5 to 3.5 hours 1.5 to 2.5 hours
Start Times (Sept to Apr) 06:00 AM (or earlier) 06:00 AM 06:00 AM
Start Times (May to Aug) 06:30 AM (or earlier) 06:30 AM 06:30 AM

All "Perfect Rides" will be organised & posted as events on both the "Torq Zone Cycles" club on Strava and our Facebook group "Torq Zone Perfect Rides". If you’re joining a Perfect Ride it’s IMPORTANT to indicate your participation on either the Strava or Facebook event.

We keep it interesting by having a few alternating routes including local MTB Parks such as Groenkloof, Klapperkop & Red Barn as well as open dirt roads in Pretoria East and South. We have regular Strava competitions for everyone to compare, compete and win exciting prizes.

After each “Perfect Ride” FREE “drink as much as you like Bean to Cup” coffee will be served at the shop in our Chill Area, and if you are lucky, maybe a muffin or two. There is No Club Fee for now, and it is purely organised riding groups. Everyone is welcome. We plan to become an official club during 2016 with very exciting benefits for everyone to enjoy.

Cycling safety is a concern, so join the Torq Zone Rides and benefit from “safety in numbers”. Nobody will take our Freedom!!