What VAT Price Increase

Your ears still ringing from the floods of messages towards the end of March: “Sorry but price increases due to Government’s VAT increase to 15% blah blah blah…”? You probably did not notice, but you didn’t receive any notification from Torq Zone. Why? Because there is no need…

At Torq Zone we said to hell with price increases due to VAT increase. Why should you pay more for your favourite past-time because somebody else messed with our country’s finances? Prices on the 1st of April is exactly the same as what they were on the 31st of March, no increase, zero, nada. Everybody is already stretched financially so we will absorb the extra 1% in our margins. That means, if you are part of our Loyalty Program, effectively you will be getting 4% discount on all your purchases from us (3% for Loyalty and 1% for no VAT increase).

Book your bike with Torq Zone for its best service yet, register for our Loyalty Program and stick your tongue out to everybody else who used the opportunity to increase prices, knowing you “have an uncle in the bicycle business” (who can remember that slogan?)